Corporate Social Impact
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Corporate Social Impact

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) module helps organizations engage teams of employees to create social impact. The main goals of this tool include:

Engage employees with gamification.
Find suitable causes and projects to support.
Provide tools to manage social impact at an individual and organizational levels.

Below you can find some more details regarding the CSR tool. If you want to schedule a demo or have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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First step: make a company profile

Everything starts with your company profile. The CSR module will let you set preferences and goals that lead to a perfect CSR DNA for your organization. Our Social Impact Consultants will provide support and help you make the best use of our tools.

Once configured, the module lets you invite new members, edit your activities, and send automatic reminders to get everyone involved. Think of all the time and energy it can save you!

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Second step: smart matching

As a next step, our tools do a little magic! Your company profile is matched to the projects of thousands of NGOs, and results are presented in order of relevance. In addition, you can always complement the projects we provide with  your internal company projects.

Once selected, each project can be supported in several different ways, including financially, through voluntary work, or by providing specific skills or expertise.

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Third step: manage your social impact

Employees can manage their social impact via a personal app. Projects are matched against user profiles, and relevant results are presented, along with possible actions.  Every time an employee takes an action, by offering time, money or expertise, he/she gets points, which add up to an impact score.

The impact score is maintained at both individual and corporate levels and is used to show progress towards previously defined goals.

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