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Personal Social Impact

Measure and customize your social impact. The Social Impact Manager makes it easy and helps you with the following tasks:

Find projects that match your preferences.
Manage your donations and social goals.
Get an overview of all your activities.

Do you want to know more? Have a look at the different use cases. Do you want to do something good with your entire team? Have a look at our Corporate Impact page.

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First step: start creating social impact

Do you want to make a difference, start helping NGOs, or support projects in your neighborhood? Don't know where to start? With thousands of organizations this can be a challenge. The Social Impact Manager is here to help you!

Set your social impact goals for the next year and choose from several available categories, including Animal Welfare, Humanitarian, Culture, Health, Nature, and others. Next, decide how you want to support selected projects and causes - with time, money and/or expertise.

The Social Impact Manager will match your preferences with thousands of available projects worldwide. If there is a match, you can choose to start supporting the project. With each interaction you get points until you reach your goal. We call it gamification for a better world!

Second step: manage your social impact

How many projects do you support right now? And which ones have you supported in the past? The Social Impact Manager gives a summary of all your activities. 

You can easily use these statements for your tax declarations. The Donation Manager module also makes it easy to turn donations on and off. A simple push of the button and your donation is changed - no worries about automatic renewals. Now you can be as flexible as you like and support a lot of different goals.

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Third step: get inspired for your social impact

From time to time you might want to find out about different organizations, projects, and events out there.  Your Social Impact Manager wall will let you browse information relevant to you. It's easy to stay up-to-date, discover new opportunities and get suggestions on where and how you can contribute.

Do you want to help in some way, but don't know how? The Social Impact Manager can inspire you and help you find causes, projects, and organizations that need your help right now.

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